FASHIONUNITED UK – Sustainability instead of fast fashion: an interview with the Arket CEO

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Arket is the new sustainable fashion label of the H&M family. Founded as recently as 2017, it has expanded by now with stores worldwide. In January 2018, the first German store was opened in Munich, followed by one in Berlin in May. Another one should open its doors in Hamburg in September. Arket has high standards for itself and has already set an example for the fashion industry in terms of transparency: Arket mentions all suppliers by product on its website and on the care labels. It wants to create long-lasting and affordable fashion, not a disposable commodity. But how does sustainability work within the H&M Group? How does one realise longevity in fashion? We talked about it with Lars Axelsson, CEO of Arket.


Our first step and primary goal as a new brand is to extend the loop before we close it. That’s why we invest in the design and development of products that our customers can keep for life. We always work on increasing the sourcing of recycled materials, for example ECONYL® yarn made of 100 percent recycled nylon waste



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