Milliken takes Artistic Liberties with a bold new collection inspired by street art and the punk revival

Artistic Liberties is a daring new collection from the Milliken in-house design team. It combines post-punk and street art influences with historic and classical references resulting in a liberation of clashing colours and twisted timelines. Artistic Liberties makes a traditional design contemporary and outspoken. The disparate sources of inspiration include ornate patterned jewels, elegant damask and brocade fabrics and the illicit marks made by a street artist’s spray can. The accidental and chaotic is married with the controlled and refined. While juxtaposition might be the starting point, the final collection successfully harmonises these seemingly discordant influences together.


Artistic Liberties is made from ECONYL® yarn with 100% regenerated nylon. Using ECONYL® fibre made from a minimum of 50% pre-consumer and 50% post-consumer content reducing resource consumption and waste. Milliken cushion backing is made from 90% recycled content.

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