Event Hosted by Interface Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, Erin Meezan and Moderated Joel Makower, Chairman and Executive Editor, GreenBiz Group

Cartersville, GA, June 19, 2020 – Aquafil, a leading manufacturer of ECONYL® regenerated nylon through innovative recycling technology, announced today that its chairman and chief executive officer, Giulio Bonazzi will be a featured panelist at GreenBiz Webcast, discussing the topic, “How to Get Your Supply Chain to Embrace Circularity”, on June 23, 2020. This webcast, organized by Interface, the worldwide commercial flooring company and global leader in sustainability, will also highlight ways to support existing suppliers, how to identify new opportunities, and how to circumvent barriers to change.

“I am honored to be speaking in this Greenbiz Webcast focusing on supply chains embracing circularity. The inspiration behind moving Aquafil beyond recycling to create a truly circular process comes from Interface Founder Ray Anderson. He was one of the first to revolutionize his company and ask suppliers to assist him and produce more sustainable ingredients, and Aquafil did. Due to this, I am able to view waste as an abundant resource. Where others see a landfill, Aquafil sees a goldmine for sustainable materials. We hope to inspire other companies to shift toward a circular model as Interface did for us,” said chairman and chief executive officer, Giulio Bonazzi.

ECONYL® regeneration system provides a concrete contribution for a more sustainable world that is consistent with Ray Anderson’s vision. In 1996, Interface started its journey to have no negative impact on the environment and Aquafil were among the first suppliers to respond to this calling by developing ECONYL® regeneration system to turn waste into first quality ECONYL® nylon that is 100% regenerated and regenerable. Throughout the years, Aquafil and Interface have been able to collaborate on many projects including, Net-Works™, which is an innovative social initiative that empowers people in coastal communities in the developing world to collect discarded nylon fishing nets, thereby removing these nets from the ocean where they wreak havoc with marine life. The nets are then recovered by Aquafil and regenerated with the ECONYL® regeneration system into nylon yarn for Interface’s carpet tiles. Together, Aquafil and Interface’s efforts have changed the industry.

For more than 10 years Aquafil has placed the circular economy as a core value of the company’s business strategy in order to save resources, give new life to otherwise lost materials, and increase efficiency along the value chain. Aquafil’s research aims to improve sustainability performance in every aspect of the supply chain. A key example of this is the ECONYL® regeneration process, which enables us to regenerate materials at their

end of life. Through ambitious goals, step by step Aquafil is positioning the Group as a sustainability leader, both nationally and internationally.

For more information about ECONYL® regenerated nylon, please visit: https://www.econyl.com.

To sign-up for the upcoming Greenbiz Webcast panel on June 23: https://www.greenbiz.com/webcast/how-get-your-supply-chain-embrace-circularity.


Since 1965, Aquafil has been one of the leading players, both in Italy and globally, in the production of polyamide 6 (nylon 6). The Aquafil Group has a presence in seven countries on three continents, employing more than 2,900 staff at 16 plants located in Italy, Scotland, Slovenia, Croatia, the USA, Thailand and China. To learn more about the company, please visit: www.aquafil.com.