The ECONYL® brand is proud to support and celebrate today the World Environment Day. How we are honoring it? Working as we do every day trying to improve our positive impact on the planet by recovering Nylon waste all over the world to regenerate it into ECONYL® nylon yarn for new sustainable products.

With our yarn, coming from pre- and post-consumer waste, our customers can produce more sustainable carpets and beautiful apparel with a clean promise that guarantees something greater than material value.

The ECONYL® Regeneration System is the process that allows the recovery and transformation of nylon waste (abandoned fishing nets, fluff and production discards) into ECONYL® regenerated nylon yarn in an infinite product life cycle.

Here below you can find some figures related to the environmental benefits for every 10,000 tons of ECONYL® caprolactam, the raw material used in the production of Nylon.

We wish to all of you a happy World Environment Day and we hope that more and more industries, companies and producers will join our revolution in favor of the world of tomorrow.


Environmental Benefit of ECONYL