On April 20th and 21st, let’s all beat this pandemic in togetherness via solidarity, hope, and inspiration.

Fashinnovation is back with a 2 day Summit Online.
In partnership with the UN Office for Partnerships and the Conscious Fashion Campaign, the event will be focused on the Sustainable Development Goals and how the Covid 19 pandemic is affecting each sector of the supply chain.
It will bring together international leaders and innovators in the fashion and technology industry to share insights and ideas and inspire start-ups, scale-ups, fashion designers, entrepreneurs on ways of adaptation to survive and thrive during the current crisis.

Giulio Bonazzi, Chairman and CEO of Aquafil, will be a featured speaker at this year’s Fashinnovation together with Diane Von Furstenberg, Susan Rockefeller, and Mara Hoffman among others. The event will gather more than 80 speakers and organize more than 25 panels.

Giulio Bonazzi will present his topic: “Fashion is Interconnected”, on April 20, 2020, at 9.30 am EST.
I am honored to be speaking at Fashinnovation this year on the interconnectedness of fashion and how it relates to current times. Through sustainable fashion, we have the opportunity to be proactive. Rather than simply reacting to disasters, we have the chance to inform consumers properly, and design products and create economies that mitigate the threats of climate change. It is our proactive decision-making that will promise better outcomes. We are the solution” said chairman and chief executive officer, Giulio Bonazzi.

Fashinnovation will kick off  Fashion Revolution Week – encompassing the messaging of “Fashion Is to LOVE”💙.

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