It’s easier than ever to find sustainable style for all occasions.

by Charlotte Singmin

Most of us are committed to doing our part when it comes to separating our papers and plastics from the rest of our household refuse, but when considering our fashion choices we also have the option to recycle.


Perhaps as recognized for her commitment to animal welfare as she is for her internationally renowned designs (and maybe somewhat famous for her rock ‘n roll lineage), Stella McCartney continues to push the fashion industry to follow her exemplary lead, this time by partnering with Aquafil to revamp her signature Falabella bags.

Her latest Falabella collection is made using Aquafil’s ECONYL yarn, which is 100 per cent derived from regenerated waste such as abandoned fishing nets drawn from the ocean and other nylon refuse collected from around the world.

We love that even at a luxury level, Stella McCartney continues her commitment to sustainable action, demonstrating that recycling can, and should be, as revered as performance and style.


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