By Justin Tejada

Kelly Slater is one of those transcendent figures, who participates in a relatively niche activity (surfing) but is recognized throughout the world. Sure, part of it has to do with dating Pamela Anderson for a stint and playing Jimmy Slade on Baywatch. But the main reason is that the 11-time world champion does things on a surfboard that no one else can. At 44 years old, Slater still pulls maneuvers in the water that guys 20 years his junior can’t fathom.


How involved is Kelly with the brand?
That would be a great question for him. From my perspective, this is an opportunity for Kelly to do everything he loves in a sustainable fashion. He’s there with me throughout the process as someone who’s traveling all over the world and sharing inspiration and different ideas he’s coming up with. He might be wearing one of our trunks somewhere and say it would be better if we did this. He’s on the ground when it matters. When we went to Slovenia in November of 2014 to figure out if ECONYL® [a nylon made from recycled fishing nets] was real, he was there. We’re planning another trip similar to that to visit our partners in Peru later this year. He’s our global ambassador.

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