By Ebony Goodridge

WANT Les Essentiels, founded by Montreal-born twins Byron and Dexter Peart, have attracted a cult following for their simple yet super luxe bags since the brand’s debut in 2007. Their latest collection is as covetable as ever but for a different reason: it’s made entirely from recycled plastics.

The yarn, called ECONYL®, saves 70,000 barrels of crude oil and 57,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions for every 10,000 tonnes of fabric that are produced. An added bonus: the bags also totally resemble the cute-as-hell classic Prada nylon bags from the ’90s.

Mark Wiltzer and Jacqueline Gelber, WANT Les Essentiels’ CEOs, explained that the collection is intentionally being offered at an inclusive price point: “We really wanted to make the collection very accessible and allow the consumer to participate in reducing the environmental footprint.”


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