by Steph / 30 June 2016

This morning I was carrying out my habitual scroll through the Twitter feed as I was waiting for the kettle to boil and happened to notice the #techforgood hashtag trend. This got me thinking about the innovative ECONYL® Regeneration process lots of our carpet tiles have gone through and I couldn’t quite believe we haven’t already boasted about it on the DCTUK blog yet! So flick the kettle on yourself, pick your poison (mine’s a strawberry green tea at the moment) and kick your feet up for fifteen minutes because I’m here to tell you all about ECONYL® and how you could be doing your bit for our precious planet without even lifting a finger.

Facing the facts

The ECONYL® Regeneration System was brought to life by the Aquafil Group as they embarked on a mission to “put an end to unnecessary waste of polyamide material” and regenerate the perfectly-good materials that get chucked into landfill or incinerators every single day.

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