Expert Tips to Build a Timeless Capsule Wardrobe

In an industry obsessed with shifting trends, are “capsule closets” still in style?

The term was first coined in the 1970s by Susie Faux, a boutique owner in London, when she became frustrated with the scarcity of high-quality apparel in the fashion world. Faux’s idea was to fill one’s wardrobe with a few, carefully selected items that can be worn all year long.[1] The words “classic,” “versatile” and “timeless” come to mind.

Faux’s approach was right. A few decades ago, fashion followed four seasons: fall, winter, spring, and summer. Today, fast fashion labels launch up to 52 “micro seasons” – or once a week.[2] The combination of over-abundance and hyper-consumption creates high piles of waste. The U.S. alone throws away up to 2,150 pieces of clothing each second.[3]

It’s time we revisit Faux’s idea. Here are three easy tips to build your forever-in-style wardrobe.


Uniquely YOU

The key to a capsule wardrobe is not only to buy high-quality, long-lasting pieces, but to invest in outfits that reflect your taste, personality, lifestyle and charisma. Celebrity stylist Tan France advises to take inspiration from public figures and the people around you. He suggests screenshotting and saving images that draw you in. “Finding the right style for you is not about chasing fashion trends,” France explains. “Finding your style takes time, and your style should reflect what clothes make you feel best.” Check out his 9 tips for finding your personal style.

A one-time overhaul

Before you hit the stores, first sort and organize your closet. Block off one weekend on your calendar and divide your clothes into three piles: contributions, consignments, and keepers. Think about how often you wear them and whether they fit into the wardrobe you are creating.[4] Keep a steady gaze on clothing with neutral colors, such as grey, black, white, and navy, as they can be mixed and matched effortlessly.[5] Not sure what colors to keep? Find out your most flattering shades here.[6]


In the eye of the experts

Fanny Moizant, co-founder of the resale platform Vestiaire Collective, is a long-time capsule closet advocate and connoisseur. Her go-to styles include “a pair of jeans or high-waisted trousers, a t-shirt or a piece of knitwear and then, depending on the day, sneakers, loafers or heels.”[7] The Italian brand WAO creates classic and essential sneakers with natural, innovative, and sustainable materials perfect for a super-versatile, timeless outfit.

Owning a well-thought through capsule wardrobe is a liberating experience…” writes Faux, “because it means you won’t feel the need to have a wardrobe full of clothes that you rarely wear in order to have the few that make you feel confident.” Wise words to live by.



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Author: Naomy Gmyrek