Can AI Be the Key to Sustainable Progress?

In our fight against ecological challenges, AI steps up as a groundbreaking ally, synergizing sustainability with business growth.

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Eco Design ECONYL®
21 Giu 2021

A Guide to Eco-Design

Design plays a hugely dominant role in our lives. From the clothes you are wearing to the device you are reading this on, and the website that hosts it, everything that surrounds us and that we consume, be it product, service or system has been designed by someone.   Considering that 80% of the ecological […]

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Certifications and Standards Sustainable Fashion
10 Mag 2021

8 Certifications and Standards to Know When Shopping Sustainable Fashion

Certifications come in handy when we want to find more about how clothes are produced. They usually involve a third-party organisation vouching for the fact that a certain aspect of a garment, such as chemical use or labour standards, is in line with their own criteria rather than those of the brand that made it. […]

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29 Mar 2021

Food waste upcycling: an environmental win-win

Author: Olivia Young A new report from the United Nations Environmental Programme revealed that 17% of food from households and businesses globally in 2019 was used to feed landfills and incinerators rather than human mouths. That’s enough to fill 20 million household bin bags and lay them end-to-end from New York City to Los Angeles […]

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choice greenwashing
21 Dic 2020

How to spot greenwashing and bluewashing?

In the sustainability landscape, chances are you’ve already heard of the word greenwashing. While the term became common language only recently, it has been widely used by environmental activists and advocates to talk about corporates that are trying to jump on the sustainability bandwagon without actually acting in consequence. According to an Accenture study, 72% […]

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fiber production
14 Dic 2020

FibreFocus: Why Regenerated Nylon Is A Smarter Choice

If you have been speaking about sustainability this year, it’s more than likely that the topic of ‘regeneration’ has cropped up in conversation. Far from just another buzzword, it means taking an approach that restores something to its original state, rather than simply trying not to damage it. From regenerative agriculture, which sets out to […]

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