08 Nov 2018

Made for those who live in a bikini

THOSE SEEN DANCING is a swimwear label born on the beaches of Honolulu, Hawai’i, USA. With minimal cuts in bold colors and fabrics, they’ve created simple yet elegant staple pieces to compliment any wardrobe. Whether it be lounging on the beach, exploring city streets, or a night out on the dancefloor, THOSE SEEN DANCING pieces […]

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07 Nov 2018

A lifestyle for the curious, the creative and the conscious

OCIN want to inspire a global openness amongst the curious, the creative, and the conscious. They exist to connect human beings to their most open and free selves to positively impact our communities, our earth and our oceans. To them the ocean itself is a symbol of freedom and a place that allows us to […]

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07 Nov 2018

Sun protective clothing and swimwear like you’ve never seen before

Everybody Sun & Swimwear will inspire you to enjoy spending more time outside doing what you love with the people you love. Everything the brand does is based on their values which are: empower women and children + respect the environment Ethically made in Australia using the most sustainable fabrics and techniques, our designs are inspired […]

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06 Nov 2018

The Coral Empire: Redefining Men’s Swimwear Combining Style and Sustainability

The Coral Empire is an Australian luxury ethical men’s swimwear brand. The founders are advocates of the slow fashion movement and use ECONYL® regenerated nylon made from salvaged fishing nets and other waste material. The brand is redefining men’s swimwear, combining style and sustainability – to be worn in and out of the water – […]

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05 Nov 2018

Taking inspiration from the beauty of the Mediterranean coast of Istria with SALT

SALT Clothing features its own clothing and accessories collection designed in Milan and Made in Italy. Contemporary chic, essential, with a remarkable identity, a strong focus on fabrics quality and simple cuts. Founded by a designer and a marine biologist, SALT Clothing aims to inspire a sustainable and elegant lifestyle concept. Since 2017 SALT Clothing […]

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31 Ott 2018

Stella McCartney, Collezione Primavera Estate 2019

“We are excited to announce that—thanks to innovative fabrics like sustainable viscose, Eco Alter-Nappa and ECONYL® recycled nylon—the Summer 2019 collection marks our most sustainable to date, as part of our ongoing commitment to greener fashion” is highlighted on Stella McCartney website. Bringing together strength and softness, celebrating the bold and the feminine, Summer 2019 […]

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24 Ott 2018

La storia di Elle Evans Swimwear

Fondata nel 2013 dalle amiche Ellie e Tanya Evans; Elle Evans Swimwear realizza meravigliosi costumi da bagno eco-sostenibili per coloro che amano essere alla moda e contemporaneamente guardano con attenzione al futuro. Sopraffatte dall’impatto dell’industria in cui entrambe avevano lavorato e che per anni avevano amato, dal giorno in cui hanno iniziato a collaborare, Elle […]

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20 Ott 2018

Eterna bellezza, slow fashion e minimalismo mediterraneo

La filosofia di Ilovebelove è creare costumi che si ispirano al Mar Mediterraneo, allo stile di vita, alla luce, ai colori e all’architettura. Lo studio scommette su indumenti senza tempo con linee pulite e confortevoli, che rispettano l’ambiente. I costumi da bagno sono fatti a mano nei laboratori del luogo, supportando così la produzione locale […]

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18 Ott 2018

La collezione Menesthò

Menesthò è il brand di costumi da bagno con sede a Londra, premiato come “Miglior linea di costumi da bagno sostenibili in Gran Bretagna” da Lux Life e presentato in numerose riviste inglesi. I costumi da bagno Menesthò sono fatti a mano su ordinazione per assicurare un servizio di alta qualità e lusso a tutti i […]

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17 Ott 2018

Blue ocean obsession with boo surfwear

Founded by two surfgirls and ocean lovers at heart, boo surfwear is a german-based surfwear label. Boo stands for blue ocean obessed. The bikini collection, inspired by surf spots all around the world, offer unique functionality and great design. All the styles are reversible, mix and match and come with adjustable sliders they can fit […]

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15 Ott 2018

Activewear for care-free coastal living and active lifestyle by Kaira Active

Roaring into the world like a giant rip curl with super swells, Kaira Active is a brand that impeccably (and fashionably) embodies a balance of care-free coastal living and an active lifestyle. Inspired by the magic of the Hawaiian Islands, their activewear collections prove you can be both on trend and comfortable while taking on […]

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13 Ott 2018

Swimwear to feel good in by Miss Janna

Miss Janna creates beautiful swimwear focusing on how women should feel in their swimwear – confident and good looking. The founder could not find any fitting swimwear when creating the brand. They were all too sporty, tiny or covering. So, she created her own swimwear to feel stunning and practical in. The second step was […]

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