WANT Les Essentiels
05 Feb 2020

The Active Line: a new adaptable range for modern explorers

Expanding upon their sustainable mandate, Active by WANT LES ESSENTIELS will be making its debut — a new adaptable range for modern explorers. These new silhouettes are made entirely of ECONYL®; a recycled nylon that is fabricated using rescued ocean and landfill waste, such as fishing nets, fabric scraps and industrial nylons. Sporting an innovative […]

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Zanotta Sacco goes green
21 Gen 2020

Zanotta: Sacco goes green

Sacco, l’icona pop e anticonformista, compie 50 anni: simbolo della trasformazione culturale del ‘68, ritorna attuale facendosi interprete di una nuova sensibilità e inserendosi nel cambiamento globale. Zanotta celebra l’anniversario presentando una edizione green numerata: innovativi materiali sostenibili, sia per il riempimento interno che per il rivestimento, proposto in un inedito pattern su disegno di […]

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20 Gen 2020

2020–2023 trend forecasting: the one thing you need to keep in mind

Forecast trendsetter Rikke Skytte warns the audience during a keynote about sustainability and trends, “Attention, no one is coming to save you. This life is 100% your responsibility”. From here, we’re taken on a fantastic journey that highlights trends and the future of humanity, where sustainability is a megatrend that is here to stay and […]

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14 Gen 2020

The ocean and eco-sustainability inspire peony swimwear

Discover PEONY, the luxury swimwear brand named after the bloom that signals the beginning of summer. A life-long love affair with the ocean gave peony its authenticity and purpose. It’s thoughtful collection of swimwear is an essential for a sun-drenched escape to paradise, inspiring confidence and joy with each wear. A sense of timelessness exists within each collection, allowing […]

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13 Gen 2020


Resource means energy. Conscious production does not only mean revitalising materials, but also looking at production as a whole. With the VON LIDIA collection, Neumühle renew the existing, conserve resources and reduce waste in the oceans. The water-repellent NET-PACKS and NET-BAGS are made of ECONYL® regenerated nylon. The valuable basic material is obtained from lost […]

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10 Gen 2020

Working hard to become the world’s most sustainable beachwear brand

One of the most beautiful feelings in life is to let your bare feet sink into a soft and warm sand on a sunny day. In that sand that nowadays is a mixture of sand, a teaspoon, a straw,a plastic cup, another straw, a bottle cap, a little more sand, a cotton swab, another plastic […]

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09 Gen 2020

Càpe è un progetto che unisce la passione per il design e la sostenibilità

CÀPE crea capi con cura per l’ambiente e realizzati al 100% in Italia. Alla base della loro produzione c’è l’utilizzo esclusivo di fibre rigenerate, evitando così l’introduzione di nuovi materiali nella filiera industriale. Il loro primo prodotto è un impermeabile leggero e pratico, realizzato interamente in filo rigenerato ECONYL®. La sua caratteristica è la versatilità: è […]

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24 Dic 2019

From the spectacular east coast of Australia to a unique and alluring lifestyle brand

KRYSTELLA AUSTRALIA is an Australian Indigenous lifestyle brand on a mission. A brand with a profound respect for the earth and our amazing ecosystem. Ruled by their love for nature and design, this inspires them to create their beautiful collections. They believe that true beauty lies within and it’s their desire to encapsulate this beauty […]

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Syvende Swimwear
24 Dic 2019

Syvênde to lead a more sustainable and luxurious life

SYVÊNDE SWIMWEAR helps women all over the world lead a more sustainably luxurious life. Launched in Sweden in 2019 by founder and designer Merima Zeljkovic Abrigo, Syvênde designs swimsuits and bikinis made of the finest Italian fabrics made with ECONYL® regenerated nylon. Within the first few months of launching, Syvênde has already dressed Her Royal […]

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Maira Swimwear
24 Dic 2019

MAIRA SWIMWEAR- Minimalist aesthetics for the conscious mermaids

Meet with MAIRA. She is one of the 50 sea nymphs, daughters of Nereus the old man of the sea in the legends and mythology of Ancient Greece. Nereids were minor goddesses of nature, specifically the sea and oceans, who would help mariners who needed their help and were attendants and members of the retinue […]

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ASK Scandinavia
24 Dic 2019

The perfect mix between Scandinavian design and regenerated materials

ASK SCANDINAVIA is an accessory company with sustainable values, founded in 2017. They create bags and accessories to make everyday life more organized and beautiful. Combining the Scandinavian design with premium regenerated European materials, their products are designed to last, both in terms of style and quality. All items are produced in a family-owned factory […]

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Bain the Minuit
24 Dic 2019

Sustainability joins the Hawaiian style

BAIN DE MINUIT puts sustainability at the core of every choice we make. Bain de Minuit has been inspired miles from home in the blue lagoons of Hawaii and French Polynesia, designed at home in Paris and heart-made by their friends in Bali. Their inspiration is driven by the pure bliss of the island life, endless adventures, […]

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