Phoebe English
14 Nov 2019

PHOEBE ENGLISH spring summer 2020

PHOEBE ENGLISH intentions are for certified or reclaimed components only, moving away from virgin resources to a majority of “not virgin” materials in all new work. To use design as a tool to “use up” the “waste” the systems we work within create and to promote and share actively positive virgin materials. Waterproof jackets and […]

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Punto e Filo
11 Nov 2019

With Punto and Filo you have the possibility to customize your rug in a sustainable way

PUNTO E FILO e Rugsis a company born from the expertise and know-how of tradition. The deep knowledge of its products and target public has made Punto e Filo an authority in the rugs market, and also a reference of fine taste amongst the interior design professionals. Their three generations background allows them to venture […]

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Breitling ECONYL®
07 Nov 2019

Breitling e Outerknown: un nuovo orologio Superocean e il lancio dell’innovativa collezione di cinturini NATO Outerknown in filo ECONYL®

Breitling annuncia due lanci in collaborazione con Outerknown, l’azienda produttrice di abbigliamento sostenibile co-fondata da Kelly Slater, leggenda del surf e membro della Surfer Squad di Breitling. Oltre al nuovo orologio Superocean Outerknown, Breitling presenta la prima collezione di cinturini NATO Outerknown in filo ECONYL®. I 18 cinturini eco-responsabili, che potranno essere abbinati a tutti […]

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06 Nov 2019

Napapijri rivela Infinity: la prima giacca circolare 100% riciclabile

Facendo da apripista nell’innovazione circolare, Napapijri svela Infinity, la sua prima giacca circolare, riciclabile al 100%, che racchiude in sé la missione del brand di creare un futuro circolare per la moda. La prima giacca del suo genere, Infinity è stata in produzione da tre anni. La sua principale svolta deriva da uno sforzo intenso […]

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Sandy Mouth
06 Nov 2019

Sandymouth Swim – For Nature and Nomad

SANDYMOUTH SWIM is a vibrant, planet friendly swimwear label based out of Dubai, creating unique collections inspired by nature, wanderlust and the Mediterranean. Created by two sisters born and raised on the island of Cyprus, Sandymouth Swim is set to disrupt the fast-fashion industry by designing and manufacturing an eye-catching line of bikinis made from ECONYL® regenerated […]

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Wildbay Swim
04 Nov 2019

The new recycled luxury

WILDBAY SWIM is founded to create a lifestyle were babes can achieve the highest level of self-confidence. WILDBAY SWIM makes high quality swimwear. They focus on being fit and healthy, because that is the best way to feel sexy. They have integrated sustainability with fitness. They provide babes all over the world with fitness workouts […]

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01 Nov 2019

4 Nylon pieces that made — or are about to make — history

As technology and science advances, materials change, but there is one material that was created long ago and is now in the middle of a very much needed revolution — plastic. Plastic is being taken into the new century keeping the good aspects of itself and leaving the bad behind. It’s an ongoing process, but […]

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Smoov Active
30 Ott 2019

For girls on the move

SMOOVACTIVE is an Australian producer of tween activewear for girls, aged between 8-16 years. Born from dance but worn whenever, their promise is to allow you to express yourself freely, with complete confidence, while performing at your best. They have a range of dance and active wear clothing that enables you to do what makes you […]

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Kaio Swim
30 Ott 2019

The ocean inspires women swimwear

KAIO SWIM is a young Swiss brand creating sustainable swimwear for women, based in Schaffhausen. Kaio is a Hawaiian word meaning ocean. Both its founders have a strong connection to water and a vision to make the world (ocean included) a better place for future generations. The brand is 100% committed to slow fashion and […]

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29 Ott 2019


MORE BODY was conceived and designed in Australia by a qualified pilates instructor, Melinda O’Rourke who is deeply passionate about moving the body and being kinder to the planet. She created MORE BODY as a pilates, barre and in-studio activewear that supports your every move. The notion of consciousness runs right through the brand; it was […]

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Jonathan Cohen
24 Ott 2019

Mexico and California beauties inspire Jonathan Cohen Collection

JONATHAN COHEN began with a single image, found by chance, of a traditional Mexican serape blanket reimagined to resemble an American flag, its electric bands of pink, green, red and yellow set against a deep blue square of fifty paper-white stars. As a child in San Diego, he never felt that he lived in a […]

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Ocean Gem Swim
22 Ott 2019

Swimwear for the conscious woman through an advance technique of fabric

OCEAN GEM SWIM is ethically hand made in Australia for the conscious woman. They are very passionate about the environment and the future of our planet so they ensure to make conscious decisions when it comes to the manufacturing and production of their swimwear. Their new collection (launching today) is made using an advanced recycled Carvico […]

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