25 Mar 2020

Medium – COVID-19 Regeneration Toolkit

Aquafil’s international suggestions for staying connected and inspired What are you doing in these days? How are you regenerating energy, hope, happiness and strength? How do you get inspiration from the restricted space of social distancing? We checked with our team members across the world — from China, to Italy, to the USA — to […]

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Medina Swimwear
19 Mar 2020

Posidonia Collection

MEDINA SWIMWEAR launches its second collection. Medina Swimwear SS 2020 collection is both sustainable and beautiful. All swimsuits are made from ECONYL® regenerated nylon and a percentage of sales will go to protecting the Posidonia Oceanica seagrass species. The collection developed throughout the focus in the experimentation of its own crinkle hand-made elaboration on the […]

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16 Mar 2020

Timeless essentials for women who love the water

ANSEA is a lifestyle brand providing timeless essentials for women who love the water. Their inaugural collection of swimsuits, RTW, and wetsuits injects a sophisticated femininity into the historically male-dominated world of surf and swimwear. They believe life lived in and out of the water can be chic, feminine, and functional all at once. Taking […]

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16 Mar 2020

Environmental conscious products for active women

FOLK was created in Colombia in 2018 with the purpose of inspiring environmental awareness and fostering a lively and responsible lifestyle. Their main objective is to protect endangered species and motivate life and culture conservation. With every collection they seek to honor the life of a species, community or habitat that has been a victim […]

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Zealous Clothing
15 Mar 2020

Ocean Collection

ZEALOUS is a women’s surf-wear brand based in Hamburg, Germany. They produce all products under fair conditions with family run manufactories on the island of Bali. They are specialized on bikinis that will stay in place and won’t come off when surfing or doing other water sports. Zealous collections also include products such as surf […]

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Aisy Dance
11 Mar 2020

Classical dance meets sustainability for big dreams

AISY DANCE is a personal venture of its founder, for whom the world of classical dance, its aesthetics, strength, and the values it represents had always been a source of inspiration. Their garments are designed and produced in the Canary Islands by their team, as they believe in the value of what is done with […]

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11 Mar 2020

Sexiness and practical efficiency combine with eco-friendly products

QINETIKO is a brand new, fast growing Hellenic company geared to create top quality activewear designed specifically for the female body, and to combine sexiness with practical efficiency. Qinetiko is eco-friendly and socially ethical, made to endure heavy use without wear and tear and ensure extreme comfort for the female body. In today’s demand for […]

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28 Feb 2020

Atumatu – created by woman for woman

ATUMATU is a brand that is all about natural beauty. When creating their swimwear they always keep in mind that every woman is absolutely beautiful and each has something special about her – that is why their sole purpose is to emphasize that very natural beauty. How do they do it? There are many ways, […]

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May and August
26 Feb 2020

Devanshu Pal Chandael: Sustainable Occasionwear

From New Delhi, DEVANSHU PAL CHANDAEL innovates and crafts sustainable occasion wear that challenges the fashion dogma. From first sketch, their designs embody a fearless aspiration to merge original, feminine and modern styles. Each item is undertaken with artisanal care to endure no skimp in detail. This compassion for quality and style empowers each piece in […]

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New Wave - ege
25 Feb 2020

A New Wave Collection

Inspired by the rough and untouched landscape of the Danish West Coast, A NEW WAVE reflects natural textures, shapes and captivating scenery. The collection strives towards tactility on a functional and sensual level that encourages you to feel the patterns of the sand, the strict lines of the grass dunes and the rhythm of the waves washing in. […]

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24 Feb 2020

Sustainability inspiration one hand-knot at a time

Are you feeling a little bit of eco-anxiety? Here is how we tried to defeat it in this project with action and collaboration. It’s the story of how a group of “like-worried” people came together to try to make a sustainable, beautiful, Nepalese rug that wouldn’t cost the earth. And in the process, they tested […]

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21 Feb 2020

Tommy Hilfiger, uno dei marchi in licenza nel portafoglio di Safilo, sceglie ECONYL® per la sua collezione di occhiali da sole.

Safilo, tra i leader mondiali nel design, produzione e distribuzione di occhiali, annuncia l’introduzione del nylon rigenerato ECONYL® nelle collezioni di occhiali. La nuova collezione eyewear TOMMY JEANS, lanciata di recente da Tommy Hilfiger, uno dei marchi in licenza nel portafoglio di Safilo, è la prima che presenta modelli in nylon rigenerato ECONYL®. Safilo introdurrà […]

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