Our planet deserves better, so why not make a simple swap to a more sustainable choice?

Coral Eyewear is the first UK-based company to create and launch a collection of glasses and sunglasses made with ECONYL® regenerated nylon and debuted their latest collection in the summer with a promise to recycle the product at the end of its life.

To ensure the frames are a true circular economy solution, Coral Eyewear has a frame recycling scheme which will become active next year in a bid to “close the loop” on waste within the eyewear industry.
The frames in the Endangered collection come with a 2 year-guarantee and after this period they can be returned to Coral Eyewear and Aquafil for recycling.
Coral’s mission is to curb the need for new plastic while reducing the amount of waste plastic in our oceans and landfill with future-proof eyewear.

Whether you are soaking up the winter sun or looking for the perfect present this Christmas, choosing planet-friendly brand Coral Eyewear is an easy way to be stylish and eco-friendly.