Wouldn’t it be better if more people cycled? “YES!” is the answer for both our planet and our own health and wellbeing too!

Cycling has a carbon footprint of roughly 21g of CO2 per kilometer which is even less than walking – and, it releases less than a tenth of emissions compared to driving, making it the most planet-friendly way to travel. It also reduces air pollutants and noise pollution too.

If that isn’t enough of a reason to dust off your bike helmet and get out there, cycling also has huge benefits for our health, our finance, and our neighborhoods. Studies have proven that just 20 minutes of cycling a day could make you happy for up to 12 hours! Even on your first ride, pedal power gets more oxygen pumping around your bloodstream and encourages the release of endorphins — the ‘happiness’ hormone.

So, next time you leave home will you swap driving your car for riding a bike?