All of us have some loved clothes that seem to last forever and often pass through from one generation to the others. Each of them has a particular story and recall unique memories; it feels like they have been with us forever.

We decided to collect some of these stories and clothes pictures from our partners, and people we get in contact with in our journey with our ECONYL® regenerated nylon.

Alexandra Dash, Shapes in the Sand

I have a vintage black original Akubra Hat, her name is “Snowy River”.

I purchased her from an Op shop quite a number of years ago.

The felt has sadly started becoming very soft and there are a few holes which I am constantly mending!

I won’t let her go!

Ambra Maddalena, the Ambra Maddalena brand

We have this burgundy red off the shoulder top that has been in my family for 3 generations.

It initially belonged to my grandmother. It had matching pants and she had it in emerald green also.

It is so beautiful. It is boned with ribbon embroidery and tapered at the waist and sleeves.

Tina Ishak, Baythe Swim

My favourite item is a very large wool/cashmere blend wrap I bought in Firenze when on holiday many years ago.

I have used it every winter since and now use it for my baby boy as a blanket when he’s sleeping.

It’s a piece I thoroughly enjoy and has meaning to me and one that I’ve gotten a lot of use out and that makes me happy because it’s not just a seasonal item that I’ve forgotten about.