Based in Colombia, the most biodiverse country on Earth, WILD & PACIFIC takes inspiration from the tropical wilderness of its lands and rawness of jungles, rivers, and oceans.  Designed for this real, fearless and passionate woman who isn’t scared of showing some skin, unique personality and effortless sensuality is what defines her. Wild is the raw, primitive and natural side of the brand, while Pacific relays on a peaceful atmosphere, subtle, and spiritual side. The combination is what creates the WILD & PACIFIC products. A whole new aesthetic is created by combining minimalism, handmade touches, unique color palettes, patterns and cuts that enhance the beauty of the Wild & Pacific woman´s body. Crochet is one of the brand’s tools to develop beautiful handmade pieces combining different techniques and premium yarns for the creation of very exclusive bikinis.
The pieces of Wild & Pacific collection are made by Colombian women – who preserve the value of art creations – with ECONYL® 100% regenerated Nylon.