Next Friday, June 7th , we will be in Milan chatting about ECONYL® at the Fashion Camp 2013.

The Fashion Camp is a barcamp that brings together people from the fashion world to talk about new technologies, upcoming trends, sustainable fashion and ideas for the future. The aim is to share projects, chat, meet up and collaborate in a friendly and democratic way.

ECONYL® will be at this year Fashion Camp on the 7th of June, at 11.45a.m, to participate, look around and present the story of the brand and the upcoming projects. Maria Giovanna Sandrini, our brand manager, will be talking about ghost fishing nets and the ECONYL® Regeneration System.

Would you like to know what nylon yarn has to do with spent fishing nets? Would you like to find out more about the interesting story behind ECONYL® yarn? Come to Milan and we will meet there! Or follow our live chat on twitter with #fashioncamp and @ECONYL.