On Tuesday 13th of September, Giulio Bonazzi, CEO of Aquafil, will be attending the opening of Anne de Carbuccia’s exhibition “ONE • One Planet One Future” at Westbeth Artists Community on the West Side of Manhattan (NY).

“I build ‘shrines’ to time,” says the artist who photographs large images of landscapes in which an hourglass and a vanity skull are always present, along with other significant objects found by the artist on location that represent the passing of time and the dramatic changes that are taking place in these spaces. These shrines are moments frozen in time meant to raise awareness about ecological concerns related to each place.

Water is an important element in the work of Anne de Carbuccia as she believes it is “one of the most important issue we have today”.

Given the connection to ecological problems, Anne de Carbuccia is collaborating all around the world with different non-profit organizations protecting the environment and with environmentally-minded companies to raise awareness to fight for the preservation of these endangered areas.

We are proud to be attending the launch of Anne’s latest exhibition in NY that will display “Time Shrines” collected on a tour of the five boroughs of the city. For this exhibition, Ms. De Carbuccia created some eco-friendly products like water bottles and our reusable ECONYL® bags that will be sold during the installation’s run.

The ONE • One Planet One Future ECONYL® bags will have writing on them to remind people of the environmental benefits of the ECONYL® Regeneration System, a unique chemical process that allows end of life products and industrial waste to become 100% regenerated ECONYL® Nylon fiber used for carpet and textiles.

Anne de Carbuccia chose these eco-friendly products and our fiber as the ingredient of the bags to show how tiny changes in our behavior as consumers (like choosing sustainable products) can have a significant impact on our future.

The exhibition “ONE • One Planet One Future” will be on view at Westbeth Center for the Arts, 155 Bank Street, New York, NY, 10014 from September 16 through November 21.