Yoj was founded in Milan in 2010 and keeps on dreaming the same thing: to apply innovation to the styling process, making fashion less harmful and increasingly virtuous. Towards nature, our fellow human beings and the future.

A truly eco-friendly and responsible brand, naturally attentive to these topics and not merely converted to sustainability for marketing purposes. YoJ creates urban sportswear garments choosing second life technical and natural fabrics, avant-garde fibers-dyes and other really inspiring concepts. It also creates fluffy coats from the natural shearing process of alpaca and mohair living freely and in wellbeing conditions thanks to the care of people looking after them.

Yoj features impassioned research and a pinch of folly, crazy attention to details and an all-italian design process quality. All this lead to trail-blazing, sparkling and decidedly stand-out creations that glow with joy and amazement, communicating a vivacious and well balanced unique identity. A personality that expresses harmony and lightness, poised between nature and urban life, aesthetic appeal and mindfulness.

With passion and with nature, for people: made b(Y) (h)eart(h).