The Founder
The idea came to the young italian enterpreneur Alessandra Albertini, after working in Australia for an activewear brand, where she learned about the market and the consumer’s needs. Incredibly passionate about yoga, she flew to India to complete an intensive Teacher Training. Wearing activewear pieces on a daily basis made her realize it was essential to not only train well, but also feel better in them. After coming back to her native country, Italy, she couldn’t find the perfect sporty set and decided to create it herself. Shaking up all this with her educational and work background in sustainable businesses Alessandra launched The Minu in June 2019.

The Lifestyle
They support an active yet healthy lifestyle, while offering a fashion-oriented and versatile selection of sporty pieces that can also be worn as everyday styles. The Minu wants to support us in choosing a more healthy yet sustainable journey with a relaxed state of mind. This means that we might want to live comfy in our everyday life, wearing sporty pieces not only to train, but also to live cool.

The Brand
Born out of a conscious passion, The Minu is a sustainable Italian activewear brand for all those who train cool. Naturally shaping the body, the collections enhance all the forms of femininity, going beyond traditional sportswear. That’s why The Minu collection wants to guarantee that sculptural look with a variety of unique prints to dare and express personality.

The Fabric
They are more than just wellness-driven. The Minu is passionate about this planet too and they do their best for a better environment. This is why they have chosen ECONYL® to craft their collections with an Italian regenerated nylon fiber. Using ECONYL® means that their fabric is made of 100% recycled nylon, made of rescued waste like fishing nets recovered from landfills and oceans all over the world. At the end of the ECONYL® innovative process the nylon waste is regenerated and back to its original purity. It performs exactly the same as brand new nylon and it can be recycled again and again.