23 Dic 2019

The all-day bag for a more sustainable world


ACE – Active Chic Eco – was founded with the willingness to offer a “sporty-chic” and ultra functional bag to keep up with non-stop lifestyles but without compromising the environment. Because the circular model is the only way towards Sustainable Fashion, the main material for the collection is an innovative fabric, recycled and endlessly recyclable.

Anna and Sandra, ACE co-funders, decided to design their collection embracing the Circular Fashion model, with the commitment to reduce and transform this waste and minimize the use of new resources. The body material sourced for their bags is an innovative performing yarn partly recycled from ocean pollution: ECONYL® regenerated nylon, made from abandoned fishing nets and other nylon waste. Besides, this premium fiber can be endlessly recycled without loosing its quality which allowed ACE to develop a unique “Give Back” program to close the loop: clients can return their end-of-life bags and ACE will ensure that the main material will be recycled and transformed into new products.

ACE Tote bags and Backpacks:

A mix of pure functional Swedish design and edgy Belgian fashion led to the creation of a sustainable, smart, 24/7 accessory for active, chic and eco-conscious women. The first models proposed by ACE are a handbag (can be carried on the shoulder or cross-body thanks to its removable shoulder strap) as well as a backpack. They come in 4 colors: black, light grey, pink-nude and taupe. They are lightweight, comfortable, spacious, washable, with several pockets and a laptop compartment. Very versatile, they are the perfect companion from gym to work, to travel and much more.

“1% for the Planet” with Healthy Seas:

ACE collaborates with Healthy Seas – an initiative from a NGO and businesses – who cleans the oceans from marine waste, mainly abandoned fishing nets, rescued by volunteer divers in the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Northern Seas. They are also carrying out an important work in collaboration with the fishing community to raise awareness and implement prevention activities. ACE supports these amazing initiatives by donating 1% of its sales to Healthy Seas.

Why ACE Active Chic Eco?

The brand is about the lives and expectations of the inspiring women surrounding the founders, their friends, mothers, sisters, daughters and coworkers and ambitions to promote Active, Chic and Eco lifestyles.

Active: this woman leads a non-stop sporty, working, family and adventurous life. Open-minded and curious, she loves fun but also cares about healthy lifestyles.

Chic: it’s not only about style, but also about attitude. The Chic woman recognizes quality and authenticity, shows respect for herself, others and nature.

Eco: the eco-conscious woman chooses ethical and sustainable alternatives and inspires her community by taking the necessary steps to make a difference.

 “We aim to offer a meaningful and durable alternative to a real need that we identified in the market – a cool, glamorous, practical and sustainable bag to carry all day and combine with any style – and create a brand that inspires, builds awareness and contributes to a better world.”
Says Anna and Sandra, ACE’s founders.


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