Swedish Stockings was started in 2013 by Nadja Forsberg and Linn Frisinger after they realized that some consumer goods are purposely designed to age quickly to boost consumption in society. Pantyhose is one of those products. It has gone from being a top quality product that used to be repaired by tailors in the 1960’s to becoming a single use, fast-fashion clothing item. Each year, two billion pairs of pantyhose are produced, worn once and then discarded. Apart from unnecessary consumption, pantyhose is a product manufactured using petroleum thus its production results in undesired, negative environmental impacts.

At Swedish Stockings, they get up every morning because they believe the world needs more innovative and environmentally conscious products to lead the way, and they think that sustainability can be achieved without sacrificing great design and quality. The brand was founded upon these three values. They produce pantyhose from regenerated ECONYL® nylon and natural fibers, in a renewable energy powered, zero-waste factory, with water purification and reuse systems in place. The collaboration with Aquafil stems from theese values. With this partnership, Swedish Stockings brought a sustainable 20 denier product to the market: Elin, made with ECONYL® 100% regenerated Nylon and knitted using our sustainable production methods.

Our oceans are filled with spent fishing nets that release micro-plastics and pose a significant danger to fish and other life in the sea. The ECONYL® nylon is also derived from salvaging spent fishing nets lost at sea, meaning Swedish Stockings is producing sustainable hosiery while at the same contributing to help clean up the oceans from waste. Elin is presented in three skin colors, ranging from light to dark.