QINETIKO is a brand new, fast growing Hellenic company geared to create top quality activewear designed specifically for the female body, and to combine sexiness with practical efficiency. Qinetiko is eco-friendly and socially ethical, made to endure heavy use without wear and tear and ensure extreme comfort for the female body.

In today’s demand for excellence on every aspect of a product, they dare to make the difference, combining everything that should be required of a heavy use item such as activewear without making any compromise:

Qinetiko is 100% custom made for the female body. We design every piece for comfort and streamlined beauty, with expensive, high quality hand-made fabrics that showcase perfectly muscle control and muscle definition.

Qinetiko is 100% eco-friendly, designed to be produced without consuming new resources, thanks to the revolutionary ECONYL® regenerated nylon yarn, making your every selection from their products an active step to protecting and supporting the environment by conservation of the earth’s dwindling resources.

Qinetiko is extremely high quality and sturdy, created to last under heavy use, with cutting edge technology that provides for lasting endurance of colors and garment shape.

Qinetiko is seeking to make the world a better place. Through cooperation with Fabric Republic, you can return your used clothing and be rewarded with a discount, and they will make sure people in need get free access to clothing, which we consider a basic human right.