Röhnisch is a female specialist brand where women are always on top of mind.

All of their designs start with the female body, and the need for flattering and comfortable fits. The goal for every product released to the market is for it to improve an active lifestyle for women and make women to perform and look great in action.

All of their designers are women who know the importance of moving freely and that great sportswear will inspire you to go the extra mile.

They call it sportswear from a female perspective.

The story of Röhnisch starts in Sweden in the early ’40s. They have a long history and they want to be here for many years to come. They are constantly striving to improve their sourcing and to buy better materials with sustainability in mind.

By making better choices like using ECONYL® yarn in all of their Beachwear collection they want to give the future generations the ability to live active lives and to buy sustainable beachwear.