For as long as I can remember I loved the ocean. Maybe because I am a water sign, maybe because it’s life or maybe because it gives me so much peace. Every summer as a kid I spent some time (not enough) in Nida – the most beautiful curonian spit by the Baltic sea in Lithuania, my home country. My mom used to always say that it was impossible to get me out of the water. I was like a little fish. Not much has changed!

Even now as an adult I visit that place almost every year. But the more I travel to other countries and visit their beaches the more I realize what a huge problem we have caused for the planet with our plastic consumption. It wasn’t till I came to India, and then Bali – that I realized just how bad it really was, and that I had to do something to contribute. Immediately. No matter how big or small my contribution was going to be, I wasn’t going to waste another second doing nothing.

I’ve always loved fashion too – I felt it was an important part of any culture and an awesome way of expressing yourself. Fashion creates a sense belonging and as we go through our lives day by day playing so many characters throughout – it’s a fantastic way of ‘dressing up’ for each role we play and having fun with it.

And yes, you’ve guessed it. With beach bums & feels I’ve managed to combine the two most important parts of my passion to create something cool and sexy but also do something that matters more than just fulfilling my creativity and curiosity towards fashion, beaches and entrepreneurship.  Something bigger than what my drives and ambitions are as a person and do something for the collective.”, says the founder

And this is how SAMUDRA, the first collection for BEACH BUMS & FEELS was born.