29 Ago 2019

Design and comfort together with sustainability are the main goal of Abraka

Abraka ECONYL®

ABRAKA is a Slovak brand which was launched in 2017. From its very beginning the brand is supporting local production and ecological fashion.  Their colorful clothing celebrates an active lifestyle, but it gets popular also for everyday use. The production is dedicated for woman no matter the age or the body type.

Behind the brand there are three friends – Nina, Ajsa and Ivo. Together with smaller local manufacturers they are producing leggings, sport-bras, swimwear and also first and thermo layers all in Slovakia, most of them made with ECONYL® regenerated nylon.

Since the brand’s existence, they put design and comfort together with sustainability of their production on the top of their priorities. They care about people and they also care about nature. They are constantly trying to find more ecological alternatives not only by the material usage but in all aspect of their business.

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