VIVI-KINI is an African swimwear brand founded in Ghana; black- and woman-owned designed to honour African ethnicity, raise awareness of sustainable fashion and inspire self-love in women.

The brand’s mission is to create African inspired basic and minimalistic swimwear, which will make every woman wearing it feeling both comfortable and sexy.

VIVI-KINI’s first collection is inspired by the Bogolanfini (mud cloth) of the Banana people in Mali.

The designs are made from some basic pattern units that are repeated several times to complete the required size of fabric. The symbols on the mud cloth are used for storytelling. A few of the representational and symbolic pattern units represented on the Bogolan-kini are wealth and luxury, such as brave and fearless.

VIVI-KINI’s first Bogolan-kini Collection launched at the end of 2019, made with ECONYL® regenerated nylon.