01 Giu 2018

Interview with Arnhem: leading the way in sustainable fashion

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We interviewed Jyoty Durrant, sustainability officer of Arhnem, an Australian brand with bohemian spirit, deeply committed to leading the movement toward sustainability in fashion.

Arnhem is a celebration of striking colors and design, oozing Summer nostalgia, bringing to life the bohemian dream of femininity, effortlessness and playful spirit, and empowering women.

Arnhem believes in a future full of beauty for our children by acting to make meaningful change and minimizing our impact on the planet.

What motivated your brand towards sustainable fashion?  Why is sustainability important for you?

We are motivated to conserve our environment and preserve for future generations. Sustainability is of huge importance for our brand, sourcing and developing responsibly with planet in mind. We have pioneered our own fabrics in low impact fibers and are continually reviewing our supply chain and manufacturing processes to implement environmentally and socially responsible practices in all aspects of the business.

We want to give consumers the opportunity to choose kindness and purchase things that have been consciously produced with love and consideration for our environment.

Why did you choose to use ECONYL® fiber? 

We were very excited to discover ECONYL®, as it is made from regenerated waste and is a more sustainable solution for swimwear, which is in line with our values without compromising quality.

Is there a difference between the Australian market and the rest of the world when it comes to people’s acceptance of sustainability/sustainably produced fashion? If so, why?

Australians are nature lovers; sustainability is at the forefront of our values and lifestyle. The ethos of Byron Bay is to respect and honor the planet and its precious oceans.

Australians are becoming increasingly conscious and aware of the need to make environmentally and socially responsible purchases; investing in low impact and high-quality clothing.

The Australian lifestyle is immersed in beach culture; people express their individuality through print and silhouettes.

What are consumers asking of brands? Has this changed lately?

Customer expectations have shifted, and people increasingly want transparency of the supply chain – where were their clothes made, who made their clothes, what are they made from?

How do you communicate sustainability to consumers? 

We believe it is important to be open and honest. Transparency is integral to what we do. Consumers want to know the truth about the clothes they’re purchasing and wearing.

Where do you find inspiration for new collections? How do you fuel creativity?

The natural beauty and wonder of Byron Bay continues to influence our collections. We also look to vintage florals, tribal roots and earthy elements for inspiration. We fuel our creativity through travel, family and adventure, as well as our passion for research and sustainability and a desire to educate and motivate others to join us on this important journey.

What are the trends and inspiration behind your new collection?

Our Summer ‘18/’19 swim collection will be an ode to classic, beautiful design. We are inspired by vintage border prints and simple feminine silhouettes. As ocean lovers, we couldn’t be prouder to be producing our swimwear from ECONYL®, both from the perspective of environment and quality.


Do you have a favorite piece from your collection?

One of our favorites would be Azalea. Our first swimwear collection made from ECONYL® nylon. Each print color way tells a story of a connection to the elements, inspired by a vintage floral.

What is the revolution you are hoping for in the fashion industry?

All brands no matter how large or small put planet before profit.

We all have a role to play; every one of us has to take responsibility to bring about change.

What’s next for your brand?

We are just at the beginning of our sustainability journey!

Do you have any social or environmental initiative running? 

Our suppliers have all been audited for ethical and social compliance.

We donate to the following charities:

  • 1% for the planet
  • Green fleet
  • Take 3 for the sea
  • Rainforest rescue
Which are the most interesting sources of information on sustainable fashion in Australia? 
  • The green hub
  • Ethical clothing Australia
  • Fashion revolution
  • Ethical fashion forum
  • Qualspec – sustainable sourcing seminars
What are the most important events in Australia for sustainable fashion?
  • Eco Fashion Week Australia
  • The Australian circular fashion conference
What are the most conscious VIP people or influencers to follow in Australia?

We’re always trying to partner with likeminded Australians on a similar path. Kate Nelson plasticfreemermaid is a valued influencer and committed eco warrior doing some amazing work in the field.

Arnhem products are available online.



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