WAO is an Italian brand of ecological shoes made with natural, innovative, and sustainable materials. This is the eco effect resounding in the cyclic nature of WAO: all the parts of the shoes come from the earth and return to it at the end of their life cycle. They have created seasonless shoes, taking maximum advantage of natural resources. They work together with Italian firms and artisans and donate 4% of the sales to nonprofit organizations which support the environment or animal welfare.


Their vision

We want to promote and spread environmental education in respect of the planet and its resources through sustainable fashion.


Their mission

We try to save the planet through our new creative and productive process.

We want to create a global network of companies and associations sensitive to environmental challenges, from the creation of a new product to its disposal.

We hope to collaborate with as many partners as possible to solve the problem of the disposal of clothes. we hope that many will join this mission with us.