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Plastic has a bad rap. And for brands and retailers responding to consumer-led demand for sustainability, solutions centered on the removal and recycling of ocean plastic pollution for fashion products has risen to the surface.


Also on the oceanic front is apparel basics brand Arvin Goods. The company said it recently incorporated Econyl into its men’s boxers — a regenerated nylon made from rescued waste such as fishing nets and industrial plastic from oceans and landfills —as the brand is intent on elevating its products whilst considering “low impact, quality and price.” Dustin Winegardner, cofounder and managing director of Arvin Goods, told WWD, “We are always looking for new recycled fabrics that we can apply to our range,” he said. “We really wanted a functional everyday men’s boxer that had a story to fit in the brand. After some research and reading up on Econyl’s background and process, it seemed like a perfect fit. Adding ocean waste as an input to the Arvin Goods brand story we think is the perfect complement to our upcycled cotton materials we are using in the other items.”