VOGUE – Vogue’s Own Renaissance Man, Hamish Bowles, Shares the Backstory of This Year’s Green Carpet Fashion Awards

by Laird Borelli-Persson

Even among the splendor of the cloister-style garden created in the Piazza della Scala for the 2019 Green Carpet Fashion Awards, which celebrates the people and organizations steering fashion in a more sustainable direction, there was no missing Hamish Bowles, Vogue’s own multitasking Renaissance man and the creative director of the event.


These medieval marvels inspired the floral motifs that were blown up and strewn across the green carpet, which was created by Aquafil using a regenerated nylon called Econyl. “Having done this now for two years, what is so exhilarating and inspiring is the beauty that you can create using sustainable materials,” said Bowles. “There’s no aesthetic compromise involved. You’re creating very beautiful things in a mindful way—and that’s something that can extend across the industry.”


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