27 Jul 2020

VOGUE – This Sustainable Swimwear Is A Staycation Essential

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By Alice Cary, Emily Chan

Do you know what your swimsuit is made of? The answer might surprise you. Emerging brands are finding new and innovative ways to create stylish bikinis and costumes that are kinder to the environment than their nylon forebears. Old fishing nets and even ocean waste is being repurposed to make sustainable swimwear by eco-friendly brands taking social media by storm.

Avoid virgin plastic
Considering how much plastic already exists (over 8.3bn tonnes to be precise), it’s best to avoid swimwear made from virgin nylon and polyester. An increasing number of brands are adopting recycled alternatives such as Econyl, regenerated nylon that’s collected from landfill and our oceans, instead.


Ayla swimwear is made entirely from Econyl, the go-to fabric for eco-friendly swimwear labels. Old fishing nets, carpets and plastics are repurposed to make the regenerated nylon.


Fisch is committed to “ocean upcycling”, and repurposes harmful ocean plastics to create its contemporary swimwear. Each piece is crafted from Econyl, and Fisch promises they’re long-lasting, as well as eco-friendly.


Medina’s “waste-to-wear” policy means that no material is left unused. Like other new-wave swimwear brands, it prides itself on its use of Econyl. Its textured, cut-out styles are particularly flattering, and the long-sleeve one piece costumes in vibrant colours double up perfectly as bodysuits in the summer.


Peony’s pieces are 50 per cent Econyl, and even the lining is made from recycled materials. All of the packaging is biodegradable and compostable, too.


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