By Alice Newbold

Calling all French style devotees. Not the clichéd strand of Parisian fashion centred around Breton stripes, berets and ballet pumps, but the achingly insouciant, seemingly unattainable kind that mixes high with low and comes with a lingering scent of unisex perfume or, quite possibly, a puff of cigarette smoke. There’s a new brand on the scene, and her name is Marcia.

The Marseille-manufactured label, which majors in simple, sexy and sustainable dresses, comes with the French influencer stamp of approval. If you follow Camille Charrière, you’ll know she’s been wearing Marcia’s sweet gingham pieces a lot of late.


Unlike the brands that have dabbled in Econyl as part of efforts to be greener, 100 per cent of Marcia’s womenswear is made from the regenerated nylon material. “It can be recycled, recreated and remoulded again and again,” says Reynaud enthusiastically. Marcia creates all aspects of its products, from the packaging to the tags, in France to reduce carbon emissions and uses a green service, plus biodegradable envelopes, for shipping.

Econyl also plays a part in Marcia’s ability to make women feel “boom boom” – a phrase taken from the ’80s song, “Tchiki Boum”, which Reynaud and her network of creatives use to describe the label’s aesthetic. “The fabric we use helps women feel comfortable and sexy in our dresses, because it contains 30 per cent stretch,” she explains. “This ensures wide freedom of movement even if the piece is tight. It is basically like a second skin.”


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