The Econyl Project has been committed to the eradication of plastic waste. Econyl can produce yarn for more than 10,000 square metres of fitted carpet.

In 2010, the USA and the EU produced almost 15 million tonnes of textile waste. What for some is regarded as waste is seen by others as a valuable source of raw materials. After all, this textile waste contained around a million tonnes of usable nylon. The yarn generated from this nylon displays the same properties as nylon fibres produced from scratch; it is of the same quality and is suitable for all kinds of further processing.

The Econyl Regeneration System

The Econyl Regeneration System includes several processing steps to extract nylon material from waste created during textile production or from discontinued ranges. Irrespective of whether these materials are retrieved from the sea or directly from the producer, the company’s recovery programme enables them to be collected globally and made available for further processing. During the production of the yarns, more waste is used than created, giving rise to an extremely positive life cycle assessment.