By Antonia Blyth

With the weather taking an ominous turn and the planet in serious peril, we know fossil fuels, factory farming, and single-use plastics are major problems, but what if what we’re wearing is also to blame? With throwaway plastic components, landfill-ready packaging and unethically sourced materials the norm, should we only wear vintage? How do we persuade more retailers to produce environmentally aware clothing?


At the gala, no sustainable stone was left unturned. The carpet, made by Econyl—a company that makes fibers from waste such as fishing nets, plastic, and used carpeting—was created from a style by Sasha Bikoff, whose sustainable interior design skills were evident in everything, from the table settings by Lenox to the flowers from Repeat Roses, which would be repurposed following the event and given to non-profit organizations.

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