Aquafil is a leading carpet and textile manufacturing industry specialist that has been involved in the production of Nylon 6 for more than 40 years. In 2011 it launched the ECONYL Regeneration System, which gives waste a second life by regenerating it for use in carpets and clothing.

At the helm is president Giulio Bonazzi, who is passionate about reducing Aquafil’s impact on the environment and advancing the circular economy. Based in Italy, Aquafil is a family-owned and run company that was founded in 1969 and now operates facilities in Europe, the US and Asia.

When did Aquafil first begin the ECONYL project?

GB: Aquafil has been involved in the production of Nylon 6 for more then 40 years, but it was not until we launched the ECONYL Regeneration System in 2011 that we were able to prove nylon’s incredible capacity for regeneration.