Top 3 Responsible Rental Services to Try

Today, more and more people are turning to rental fashion to minimize their environmental impact. But which companies are worth trying?

Imagine a fashion world in which every garment was made to last and designed to be resold, rented, or swapped rather than dumped. This is the definition of a sharing economy.[1] At its core, it’s about fulfilling the original purpose of clothes, to wear them over and over again. With the right business model, rental fashion is playing a part in a more sustainable approach to the industry. Here are three brands worth the try!


Sharing more, consuming less

By Rotation is a free app that allows users to rent out their wardrobes. Launched in 2019, the company was granted the Eco-Age Brandmark award, a sustainable excellence recognition for championing the sharing economy in the UK.[2] The app empowers its users to rotate pieces amongst themselves, aiming to create an inclusive community where people can wear designer clothes – such as Hermès and Christian Dior – by sharing more and consuming less.[3],[4] Click here to discover By Rotation’s contribution towards a sustainable future.

Gems for lease

Not limited to clothing, Switch is a unique rental platform that exclusively works with jewelry. Over the past few years, the mining industry has been under fire for its unethical working conditions and considerable climate impact – including water pollution and deforestation.[5] Pioneering to mitigate its footprint, Switch is grounded in the sharing economy, renting pieces (instead of buying new ones) to help avoid additional extractions and, consequently, leading to reduced environmental costs.[6] Here’s how you can rent your next green necklace today.


A force for good

Glam Corner is a rental fashion brand and certified B Corporation with a team of professional designers trained to solve the “I’ve got nothing to wear” dilemma many of us face.[7] By facilitating highly personalized and curated clothing exchanges, the brand decreases the amount of apparel used for one-off occasions, leading to a reduction of environmental impact by up to 95%, according to the label’s latest study.[8] Find out more about Glam Corner’s seasonal offerings here.



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Author: Naomy Gmyrek