19 Apr 2021

Aquafil joins in Fashion Revolution Week’s action to help amplify unheard voices

This week is Fashion Revolution, a time where the fashion industry comes together to question itself and improve its practices. The week-long event centers around the anniversary of the tragic Rana Plaza factory collapse on 24th April 2013, which killed 1,138 people and injured many more. 2021 marks 8 years since the tragedy, and this […]

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05 Apr 2021

Water: too much or too little, both are a problem and here’s what you can do to help

Author: Rose Ellis On the surface the world’s water situation may seem calm and peaceful but dive a little deeper and it quickly gets choppy. The UN defines water scarcity in terms of availability due to physical storage, as well as access scarcity, which may be due to infrastructure or institutional failure, for example. Water […]

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15 Mrz 2021

What is Zero Waste and how can we Reduce, Reuse and Recycle?

Author: Morgane Nyefler More than any other industry, fashion has a waste problem. From fast-fashion brands to luxury labels, most companies are accumulating leftover fabric, textile scraps, and unsold stock in their warehouses, which become a burden difficult to dispose of. The market for cheap and low-quality items continues to grow as consumers in the […]

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15 Feb 2021

Offsetting Explained: Can It Make a True Impact?

Author: Rose Ellis Carbon offsetting is being heralded by some as the saviour of our times and it’s easy to see why. But airlines and oil companies, for example, have inevitably jumped on the offsetting boat and it can seem all a bit hypocritical – some of the world’s biggest carbon culprits also being the […]

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25 Jan 2021

The ocean plastic problem and the pandemic

Author: Elizabeth Bennett Photo Credits: Koko Fotografia Chances are, you’ve probably heard the statistic that by 2050 there could be more plastic in our oceans than fish. If not, you may have read that the equivalent of one garbage truck of plastic is dumped into our oceans every single minute. It’s certainly scary stuff. Thanks to […]

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11 Jan 2021

Circular Economy Explained: What does it mean and how do we close the loop?

A healthier, more circular economy depends on each and every one of us. In nature there are no straight lines but as humans we have conceived the idea of linear for the purposes of simplifying our understanding of the world. If we can learn anything from nature, it’s that she knows best and that the […]

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28 Dez 2020

Recycling: where do our clothes go after we toss them?

When people go to their closets for a monthly or annual clear-out the choice is usually: keep, donate, or throw away. But among these choices, we only really know what happens to the clothes if we choose option A, keep. When we donate our clothes or ‘toss’ them, the rest of the clothing lifespan remains […]

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