30 Jul 2018

‘ERIZO DE MAR,’ the second swimwear collection by Cabuya

Cabuya SurfBikinis is launching its second collection of swimwear – Erizo de Mar – Sea Urchin – that has a unique, elegant and modern printed pattern inspired by the ocean but with a romantic touch. The collection evokes the sensation of clear waters and fresh air and light with a sophisticated touch. The design of […]

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28 Jul 2018

Sustainable Swimwear for adventurous hearts

Scampi is an exclusive swimwear brand founded in Sweden 1983 and offering unique and sustainable swimwear and beachwear for adventurous hearts. The brand brings you an updated, timeless and elegant Scandinavian look featuring iconic stripes, prints and a style reminiscent of classic swim resorts the world over. Designed and inspired by vagabonds, made for exploring […]

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27 Jul 2018

The New Wave Collection by Body Party

Body Party is a sensible response to the necessities of the modern, eco-conscious woman who looks for statement pieces that can make her feel at ease with her body, and at the same time elegant and sexy. The brand strive to create comfortable and fashionable swimsuits that respect the female body as well as the […]

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26 Jul 2018

Swimwear with purpose for people age 0-7

Love & Honor makes swimwear for people age 0-7. Their Good Swimmers UPF50+ swimwear is made from ECONYL®, a regenerated nylon coming from ghost fishing nets and other nylon waste. These nets, often nearly invisible in the dim light, can be left tangled on a rocky reef or drifting in the open sea harming marine […]

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17 Jul 2018

Pacsafe Limited Edition ECONYL® backpack

Pacsafe is a brand with a vision to help travelers embrace life’s adventures. For the two founders, the biggest reward is “seeing a Pacsafe bag on someone’s back in a customs queue, or a tote slung over somebody’s shoulder as they navigate a packed city street.” For their 20th anniversary, they released two limited-edition products […]

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16 Jul 2018

Tanzania swimwear collection by RESET PRIORITY

“Tanzania” is the new collection of contemporary swimwear and beachwear inspired on the idea of a travel desire to live the essence of the most beautiful destinations. That desire that drives each independent woman throughout the year looking for the next vacation to explore and get far away, never forgetting about the present and the […]

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14 Jul 2018

INASKA: The sports bikini that is eco-friendly, reliable, comfortable and 100% made in Europe

The girls of INASKA are constantly looking for solutions that add value in terms of sustainability, environmental protection and climate neutrality. That’s why they decided to use our ECONYL® regenerated nylon coming from 100% regenerated nylon waste like fishing nets and old carpets. To keep quality standards high and shipping distance low INASKA sports bikinis […]

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14 Jul 2018

UV-clothes by Dilling

DILLING is a family-owned business founded in 1916 in Denmark. Their products are made from sustainable materials and produced with the highest respect for the environment, the people in the supply chain, and the customer. Their main focus is organic underwear, but they have recently launched a new collection of UV-clothes made from ECONYL®, a […]

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13 Jul 2018

Swimwear by Mona

Mona is a global brand and a community of surfers, yogis, makers and mothers united by a shared passion for the ocean and a dream of making the world a better place. Born out of love for the ocean and the earth, Mona uses reclaimed materials like the ECONYL® regenerated nylon to create comfortable, functional and […]

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09 Jul 2018

Anura Xtreme, the first WATCH THE FRØG collection

WATCH THE FRØG is a Portuguese brand that brings to the Planet the NEW GENERATION of athletic clothing, designed to keep athletes body at their maximum level with the ultimate sustainable sportswear fibers, free of Animal suffering and Human slavery. „More than a brand. A cause.“ WATCH THE FRØG is based on 4 essential core […]

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06 Jul 2018

New collections of sun protection clothing for babies by Mayoparasol

Mayoparasol has been a French expert in sun protection clothing for babies and children for more than 15 years. They are based in the South of France. They put the quality and fashion at the forefront of their collections, always with maximum UV protection. Their fabrics are French, Italian and Spanish, certified UPF50 + according […]

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12 Jun 2018

‘Gucci Equilibrium’ to balance creativity with sustainability

On World Environmental Day, Gucci has launched its new ‘Gucci Equilibrium,’ an initiative and a website to explain their 10-year plan strategy that promises to “balance its creation and marketing of high-end fashion with a radical sustainability agenda.” The website has different sections that talk about raw materials, Gucci’s environmental performance, waste management and circular […]

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