Zeropoint is a Nordic brand offering compression products for the sports industry as the main focus. The excess load on the venous valves that carry blood from extremities to the heart can cause inflammation during and after exercise. Arms and legs will feel heavy and sluggish. Compression products boost circulation by improving venous valve function. Tired muscles receive more oxygen, which speeds recovery. The mechanical pressure created on the deep lymphatic system aids in the removal of metabolic waste.

ZeroPoint only produces compression and as a result, uses a very sophisticated approach that applies the right amount of compression to specific muscles depending on where it contacts your body and what type of athlete you are.  We conduct extensive research with universities, athletes and sports labs to determine the precise amounts used, where it’s applied and how it affects muscle output and recovery.  We offer very specific dimensions for sizing that require measurement of different parts of the body so that you get a precision fit for optimum performance.

Today, 85% of ZeroPoint clothing collection is done with ECONYL® regenerated nylon as the main component.

“The Nordic countries have a long tradition of nature and environmental issues. For us, untouched nature, clean water and fresh air is for granted. So, we regard it as our heritage to manage and make it one of our core values in our brand, combined with full functionality, simplicity and superior quality.  We continue to develop more sustainable products with ECONYL® yarn as a basis in the materials. Our goal is to be the world leader in environmentally friendly high-end compression for the sports industry”.