If your lockdown is anything like ours, you’re probably spending more time in the kitchen than before.

While prepping meals or saving leftovers, it’s easy to find yourself reaching for plastic containers or cling film – but next time, stop!

These materials contribute to unnecessary household waste and can pollute our environments when they end up in landfill ♻️

Instead, make the more planet friendly-choice and opt for beeswax wraps 🐝

These natural cotton sheets have a wax coating that moulds across the top of your bowls and containers, as well as around food items like vegetables or sandwiches, to keep them fresh. (And bonus, they’re much prettier than cling film, as well!)

You can use these again and again – with care, the typical lifespan of a beeswax wrap is around 10 years. After that, it can be popped into your compost bin to biodegrade.


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