The Ellen Mac Arthur foundation just released the new report “A new textiles economy: Redesigning fashion’s future”, and we are excited to share it together with an excellent interview of Dame Ellen MacArthur and Stella McCartney by BBC.

The report is full of interesting data about the textile world and its impact. It is meant to raise awareness about the challenge to create a different mindset where waste and circularity is not a problem but an opportunity, an approach we share with our ECONYL® Regeneration System by turning nylon waste into ECONYL® yarn for new textile products.

We especially liked these two quotes by Dame Ellen MacArthur and Stella McCartney:

“Consumers in the UK cannot be circular with their fashion decision. It is very hard to, and that’s because the industry isn’t circular”. Dame Ellen MacArthur


“This can be sexy, this can be fashionable, this can be young for me. I get excited about the opportunities because I find it new, and I think as a businesswoman that’s why I’m here today – because I’m interested in newness, and this is a new approach.” Stella McCartney

We share the excitement of Stella McCartney, and we are very proud of our partnership with her for the latest edition is the Autumn 2017 collection of Falabella GO bags.

As said also in the report, “achieving a new textiles economy demands a new level of alignment and collaboration” but the opportunities are exciting.