KoKoTé is a Swiss brand that produces bags and accessories.

KoKoTé brings together a wide variety of people: an entrepreneur, a renowned designer, and men and women who came to Switzerland as refugees.

“KoKoT“ is Swahili and means „where to“. „KoKoTé“ is an existential question for refugees who did not know where to go in order to be sure of their lives. „KoKoTé“ is a strategy question for the entrepreneur who is convinced that production coupled with purposefulness is possible in Switzerland. „KoKoTé“ is an everyday question for the designer, whose curiosity always makes him discover something new.

KoKoTé produces bags and accessories and trains refugees. Older refugees get the chance to complete a professional training at KoKoTé so that they can better integrate into the Swiss employment market and lead a self-determined life.

The product line of KoKoTé impresses with a unique and elegant design which meets the spirit of the times.

The products have to be durable, waterproof and robust, therefore the materials are extremely important. In addition to the high quality of Swiss handcraft, sustainability is a top priority for KoKoTé. For those reasons, they choose Econyl® as the perfect material for their products.

„Economy and ecology should be in balance. Furthermore, openness, respect and solidarity are important values in our company“ says Franz Huber, the founder.