They seriously love kicking off their shoes and digging their toes deep in the sand.
They love seeing how the glassy surface of the salt water can change into the foamy rhythm of the waves in a heartbeat.
They are all up for the beachside naps and salty dips any time any day. They live in their bikinis.

The ocean is something they deeply love and respect, and this is how Raw Salt was born. They create bikinis that help to clean instead of polluting the ocean and our planet.
Their bikinis are ethically manufactured in Bali using recycled fabrics to close to the loop.
They avoid single-use plastic in their packaging, use eco-friendly dyes and carbon neutral shipping to send their raw and salty threads to us.

In every decision they make, they try to be as raw as they can.
Jump on the salty wave with them.
Be raw, stay salty