Good design begins with the end in mind”. With this concept, Aquafil created its booth at DOMOTEX 2019 around its commitment towards a circular economy.
ECONYL® regenerated nylon played an essential role.

New Samples, new Trends and a Circular Economy approach with the end in mind

ECONYL® regenerated nylon gives you endless possibilities.
At Domotex 2019 in Hannover, Aquafil showcased up to 60 new textile samples of which more than half made with ECONYL® yarn, divided into 4 areas:

  1. contract,
  2. residential,
  3. rugs
  4. hospitality.

Moreover, the trend wall gave an overview of the most modern carpet design made with Colaris technology.

Colaris printing technology

The special technical features of the yarn produced through the ECONYL® regeneration system is not only becoming increasingly popular in the carpet and floor covering industry, but its sustainable properties also become indispensable for the fashion industry.
At this year Domotex edition, Aquafil booth featured not only a window with some peculiar garments made with ECONYL® yarn such as:

  • the wedding dress by H&M Conscious Collection,
  • the Skull umbrella by Alexander McQueen,
  • the latest Pacific Collection sunglasses by Karün
  • the new carry solution by PacSafe®,

but also a corner specifically dedicated to interior design.

ECONYL® showcase

Visitors could admire beautiful elements such as 2 luxurious and high-quality rugs, one already available on the market and belonging to BIC Softline Collection and a second one, cut and loop handmade woven, made by Aquafil’s Indian customer DHLS, as well as unique and exclusive Couture Poufs by Lorenza Bozzoli – all made with ECONYL® yarn and fabric.

The three colorful poufs, for the first time showcased at Domotex 2019, were the first ones made with the use of ECONYL® regenerated nylon by the Italian designer. The result has been successful among visitors who took many pictures of these unique interior elements and were interested in receiving further information about the product.

Furthermore, the panel dedicated to the new ECONYL® brand video bewitched visitors with beautiful images of its regeneration system and of the 2018 big events where ECONYL® yarn had a central role:

  • the Green Carpet Awards and Guardini’s catwalk hold in Milan,
  • the CFDA Awards at the Brooklyn Museum in New York,

and with some other amazing images taken underwater showing the incredible job done by the Healthy Seas Initiative’s divers in recovering ghost fishing nets.

With the opening of its new plant in Phoenix, Arizona, the first in the United States, on December 13th, 2018, Aquafil is taking further steps towards optimizing the material cycle. At the Carpet Recycling Facility – shown at Domotex with an interesting and interactive illustrative installation – over 16 thousand tons of carpet are recycled annually, broken down into its three main components and divided up for further processing.
The recovered polypropylene is returned to the injection moulding industry, fillers are returned to the road construction and cement cycle and nylon 6 is shipped to Ljubljana to feed the ECONYL® regeneration plant, leading the material back into the circular economy.

Carpet Recycling installation at Domotex 2019