The Aquafil Group, a global leader in the manufacturing of Nylon 6 polymers and fibers, has released a video game adaptation of its ECONYL® Regeneration System.
Nylla walks users through the six production steps in a way that will explain the manufacturing process in a simplistic manner for all to understand. Each level represents a different stage of the production cycle to emphasize the importance of recycling and regeneration.
The video game is geared towards the future generation and those who will be most impacted by the decisions made by today’s businessmen and women.
“Creating awareness of today’s global issues at a young age is essential to preserving the few natural resources left in the world,” said Maria Giovanna Sandrini, ECONYL brand manager.
The regeneration process begins with the worldwide recovery of Nylon 6 waste such as fish nets, carpet fluff and clothing. By regenerating discarded waste, new products can be created in an endless closed-loop cycle.
Consumers will play a large role in the preservation of the world’s natural resources. By educating the consumers of tomorrow to be more conscious in their purchasing habits, regenerated products can have an endless product life. Through the re-commercialization of regenerated products, fewer natural resources will be depleted and natural habitats will remain intact for generations to come.

Available on the Apple Store