Slovenian Fashion Week took place in Ljubljana from April 14-16 and was organized by The Italian Trade Agency (ICE) and by Adria Media Ljubljana. The ECONYL®Brand by Aquafil was a proud sponsor of the event and was also invited to give a speech on the ECONYL® Regeneration System and the applications of this yarn in the apparel world.

Nathalie De Marco, from Aquafil’s NTF business unit, underlined the importance of sustainable ingredients such as ECONYL® in the fashion world of today and tomorrow. This ingredient offers a solution to both the strict quality requirements of the fashion world and the increasing demand of more sustainable products from the public.

She also talked about the collaboration we have ongoing with many brands who are producing final products with ECONYL® yarn. There was a lot of interest in the audience which included a wide range of people, including VIPs, press and other industry professionals. After the meeting with the press in a round table of selected speakers, a fashion show took place on the catwalk.