Let’s become one with the ocean.

This, the concept behind Anne De Carbuccia’s self-portrait for Harper’s BAZAAR March issue.

Below, what the artist writes on her Instagram profile:
– The fashion industry is the second biggest polluter after fossile fuels. The fashion world has the potential to transform itself to be a cultural and creative force that can stop the trend of excessive consumption and its dramatic consequences. The trend setters should all be on the front line to protect and save our planet.
Read the story 💙🌎💚 “We think we have become the center of our planet, customizing the energy of life to revolve around our species. The entire biosphere, from fauna to flora to the vital forces of the five elements, depends on us. We are deciding what the natural world will look like in the future. Do we want it to turn to wrath, shadows and dust?
The Ocean is sacred or at least that’s what they used to say. The Ocean is where we all come from.
The beach was a stormy white haze that day. The sand beaten so hard by the outraged waves my footsteps barely left a trace. I wrapped myself in Stella’s bold message; a pantsuit made of recycled fishing nets. Its organic form an embrace to our Ocean and new life.
We can transform ourselves into a center of resilient force once we have become One again. For our One Planet and One Future” –

Go to the artist’s Instagram profile to watch the animation.