“Until recently, choosing eco-friendly products for the home has been no mean feat and often at the expense of quality and style”, says Carpet Court Ambassador Darren Palmer. Starting from the ground up, Carpet Court’s exclusive new eco-friendly flooring options allow for any homeowner to make a thoughtful decision that won’t see them sacrifice on design or durability.

Made from 100 percent recycled yarn through recovered nylon waste products, Carpet Court’s eight exclusive ranges featuring ECONYL® regenerated nylon come in an array of on-trend colours, textures, and styles to suit any abode.

Interior Of Modern Flat With Different Textured Walls

Conscious consumerism is becoming a way of life, driving designers and manufacturers to respond by creating beautiful, innovative and cost-effective products that don’t use additional resources in the creative process,” says Darren.
Unlike standard nylon, which relies on oil from the Earth’s reserves, not a single barrel of oil is used in producing ECONYL® yarn,” adds Darren. “Minimising oil usage, reducing emissions and creating colour within the fibre during the manufacturing process, allows consumers to make a thoughtful flooring decision that will withstand the test of time.
With all the benefits of traditional Solution Dyed Nylon, ECONYL® regenerated nylon shares the same look, feel and performance qualities as traditional nylon, meaning choosing an eco-friendly soft flooring for the home no longer comes at the expense of style.

From high-performing textured loops to twist pile structures that are soft to the touch, the new Australian Made ranges from Tuftmaster Carpets and EC Carpets are manufactured exclusively for Carpet Court using ECONYL® regenerated nylon, all of which feature a distinct style, colourway, look and feel.

Carpet Court ECONYL®